“I began seeing Nicole, at the start of my 12 week Challenge. She was really thorough and helped put together an eating plan that was not only to achieve my fitness goals but also inner health. I was really surprised at some of the knowledge I gathered and the ease of preparing healthy meals.

It’s really quite simple. She showed me that I can do 90% of my shopping at the local butchers and fruit and veggie shops and opted for organic where possible. I found I was so confused but all the nutrition ‘advice’ on social media that it was overwhelming. Nicole really simplified it for me and really nutted out the bad from the good advice.”

Bec, Melton



“Nicole has been helping me treat Adrenal Fatigue for most of this year. When I first met her my condition was at its worse. I struggled to get out of bed every morning, and I couldn’t walk around the block without running out of breath. I was exhausted and had a thumping headache all the time.  Fatigue had definitely affected all aspects of my life.

As soon as I started the treatment that Nicole recommended I noticed positive changes in my energy levels, and continued to improve.  From the beginning she has been very informative, thorough, and helped me understand my condition. She is a professional who is sympathetic, compassionate and confident. Her calm and warm manner puts me at ease.  It hasn’t been an easy journey for me but Nicole has always been supportive and reassuring.

Now 10 months into my treatment, I feel like a different person. My headache has disappeared.  I am working full time and exercising regularly. I have got my strength and confidence back.  She also taught me how to manage fatigue, instead of letting it control my life. Without her support I wouldn’t be where I am now.  I am very thankful for her knowledge and expertise.”



“I recently engaged the services from Nicole Nicholson whilst on the path of representing my country at the 2016 Rio Olympics as an elite amateur boxer.

The information and guide lines provided by Nicole were hugely beneficial in regards to the correct foods to consume as an elite athlete during intense training, recovery after training and trying to maintain my weight of 52kg for competition.  I went into the competition feeling great with no issues about my weight, I was looking fit and feeling energetic.  Her advice and guidance was super beneficial and I’m disappointed I couldn’t carry that forward into rio next year.

I highly recommend making an appointment with Nicole regarding any issue of energy levels, cravings or weight issues.”

Aaron Wellman, Amateur boxer.
3 X Victorian Bantam weight champion, 2 X Victorian Flyweight champion,
1 X Silver medalist national Flyweight champion,
1 X Gold medalist national Flyweight champion

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