About Nicole


I became a Natural Health Practitioner because of my passion for sports and health throughout my whole life but also because of a Doctor that was quick to put me on antidepressants because I was upset I didn’t get into my first choice at Uni. His limited view of health inspired me that there were other ways to help people that were holistic and effective, rather than the use of ‘Band-Aids’ such as medications. So I studied Western Herbal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. These degrees weren’t limited to just herbs and nutrition but also enabled my own self development through meditation and spiritual practice.

I love that I can help people make the smallest changes in their diets and lifestyles that make the biggest impact to their health and how they feel without the nasty side effects of medications.

I want to educate people to think outside the box and status quo of western medical health. We are so conditioned to how we think things should be by the big corporations. There is so much mis-information out there that I want to bring the awareness to you that there is more out there than what is on TV, the supermarket shelves and the pharmacy. I want to educate you that you don’t have to suffer from a condition that is considered the ‘norm’. No form of ill health is normal. You can be a really energetic healthy person your entire whole life.

My success with clients has shown that when there are significant changes to my patient’s lives, they have a whole new lease on life with more vitality, energy and happiness – and who doesn’t want to be happy? This inspires me to develop new and effective ways to help patients make changes and be healthy. Moving forward my patients are empowered and have the knowledge to be able to continue to be their best selves. This ultimately and indirectly inspires the people around them and they have the skills to educate their own families on healthy food and lifestyle.