21-Day Spring Cleanse Package


21-Day Spring Cleanse Program – Flash Sale!

For the next 7 days I’ve discounted the program from it’s normal price of $147 to only $29!!

Flash Sale ends 21st October

We are exposed to many toxins from our food and environment. We also tend to go off track with our healthy eating when we are busy or have our routines disrupted. I personally have been off track lately and would love to do this cleanse with you so that I stay on track and have the support and accountability.

My energy, gut and mood were affected and so I developed this cleanse to just change my diet and it had a positive impact in all areas of my health and I felt amazing after it!

I know how hard it is to get back on track by yourself. It’s hard to motivate yourself. Even knowing what and how to eat really healthy, without feeling deprived.

I’m going to show you a new easy way to eat so that you feel brand new and eliminate any gut issues you may be putting up with.

The 21-Day Spring Cleanse Package isn’t about depleting your body of the foods you love, starving yourself, or taking energy supplements with unwanted side effects.

You CAN break free from the cycle of eating crap foods and feel amazing and we will do it together!

It’s time to transform the way you feel, so that you can be more productive, creative, and enjoy life! So come and join me!

This is what’s included in your 21 Day Spring Cleanse Package:

  • Daily planner
  • Meal plan and recipes
  • Food prep & cooking tips
  • Pantry list
  • Work book
  • Support community
  • Toxin reduction tips
  • Mind & spirit guide



  • I felt the program was easy to follow and adaptable. I did it to get me back on track with healthy eating…however I learnt a lot about how the food we eat makes us feel! I had a lot more energy and felt less bloated and much better in myself. Really glad I did the program and a bonus is I lost 4.5 kilos even though this wasn’t my main priority for doing the cleanse. Kirsten
  • 21 day program was not too difficult to adhere to. Initially a bit overwhelming for the first couple of days trying to get by without my daily caffeine fixes. Having a choice from the pre-planned meals each made things very easy. I did not feel that I had to religiously follow the program to the letter and allowed myself the occasional coffee and treat. All-in-all, definitely felt the difference in my sleeping patterns, increased energy levels and ability to cope with the everyday stresses. I intend to access this program again in the future to keep myself on a healthy track. Terri
  • I enjoyed learning about and using healthier ingredients and preparing nutritious meals that provided leftovers for lunch.  I lost 2 kg in weight and look and feel lighter and healthier. Have bought some new glass containers to freeze meals and are more conscious of using recycled jars to store ingredients.   Have sourced a toxin free deodorant and are now more aware of what to look for. Pam


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